Quality Product

Quality Product

Good Manufacturing

VitaSWISS products conform to the European Council GMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) guidelines, the International manufacturing Regulations of ISO 14001, and European Eurocerta certifications, Total Quality Management (TQM), Standard Operating Procedures and Swiss Certification. Over 50 international certifications, 20 distinctively Swiss, stand behind VitaSWISS.

VitaSWISS products are backed by independent Laboratories’ reports and analyses, with supporting clinical studies. These studies include, among others, Swiss Independent Double-Blinded Placebo-Controlled clinical study, USA Clinical & Nutritional Product Safety Assessment, German Independent Lab Toxicity testing, France Independent Lab Analysis, France Lethal Dose (LD50) Toxicity Tests Certification.


Origin of Material

All VitaSWISS’ cellular and placental extracts are procured and/or bred from pollution-free environments under dietetic organic conditions supervised by experienced veterinarians.


Placenta – The Life Giving Source

Placenta is the thin, flat, round membrane attached to the wall of the uterus during pregnancy. The placenta, on the average, weighs 500 gm., stretches for 22 cm and may be up to 2.5 cm thick.

Placenta is anti-aging, revitalizes the skin, heals wounds, strengthens the immune system, improves vision and mental alertness, increases stamina, regulates hormonal imbalances and provides greater vitality.

Placenta has traditionally been considered life-giving and used in treatments among various cultures – Vietnamese, Italians, Hungarians, Americans and Indians, among others — for consumption by the new mother, to correct insufficient lactation, to facilitate labour and stem hemorrhaging and for the treatment of diabetic wounds and diabetic complications. Almost all mammals besides humans consume their own placentas instinctively.

VitaSWISS Placenta contains more than 200 rich growth factors, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients which are life itself for fetal growth and the fetus.