Cells and The Secrets of Celebrities

Our Body As We Age

Disease in the body is disease in its cells.

Energy, vitality and health also begin and end in the cells.

All of us want a long life and very few want to grow old. No one wants to be burdened with ill-health as they age, gracefully or otherwise. Aging, one of the most natural processes of Mother Nature on Earth, is life itself. Life means wear and tear, deterioration, a process which begins upon birth.

If our bodies are unable to replace or restore the old, malfunctioning cells, we may age prematurely and suffer from chronic degenerative diseases.

Each cell forms a tiny organism which seeks to maintain itself, assimilates, metabolizes and excretes, whether the cell lives in the surface or in the dark depths inside the body. It leads its own life and during the whole of our lives, cells are continually born in us while others die. Only a few remain with us all our life. The process of cellular renewal slows down as we age. Old and malfunctioning cells are not replaced as regularly as they should be and our bodies are unable to execute its functions as before.

Improper nutrition, processed sugars, food additives, unhealthy lifestyles with heavy smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, the carcinogenic or cancer-causing agents in pollution, heavy metals — think Chelation Therapy – pesticides, stress and the long term side-effects caused by pharmaceuticals all eventually take their toll on our cells.

The Fountain of Youth

It has long been man’s dream to discover the proverbial Fountain of Youth itself with the magical Elixir of Youth.

Classical medicine has meant longer lives which mean a longer period of wear and tear. However, we have the empirical knowledge which has brought us to the threshold of acquiring greater zest and vitality, indeed turning back the age-old clock ticking away for the ravages of time on our youth.

Although the aging process is inevitable, it can be reduced, dramatically slowed, and even halted with a specific cell therapy. When cellular extracts that have been introduced into the body are not determined as foreign, they remain undetected and can go on to revitalize specific worn or ailing organs. Questions of mutations or safety issues do not arise.

Secrets of the Celebrities

All of us admire the celebrities of our time for whom the clock seems to have stopped ticking away. They appear to be in good health and shape and continue to attract admiring looks wherever they go. Healthy nutrition and exercise certainly play their roles and perhaps a little help from plastic surgery. But there may be something else to explain why these famous people exude a magnetism and body language that identifies them more with the now generation than their peers. It’s no longer a secret that these celebrities frequent famous spas and medical retreats in Europe which specialize in revitalization and rejuvenation.

Their anti-aging treatments include organic and natural based therapies and products derived from exclusive cellular-rich ingredients.  Today, their secrets to alluring beauty are secrets no more.

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