VitaSWISS Softgel Supplements

Placenta Nutritional Supplements

VitaSWISS Softgel range features SP and PP Softgels – the ultimate restorative food supplement for your daily nutrition. Two high-performing supplements specially made from placental extracts, SP and PP offer critical nutrients and body repairing components your body needs to regain lasting wellness and optimum cellular activity. They offer a rich source of nutrients coupled with growth factors and bioactive cytokines unlike any other organic materials. With VitaSWISS’s exclusive placental extracts, you can redefine your diet to match the amazing health and beauty of your icons.

PP Softgels

PP Softgels offers a potent animal-free placental supplement made from Plant Placenta to reawaken cellular health and unveil a noticeable difference in your skin health.


The daily nutritional supplement enriched with cell renewing essence of marine peptides!

SP Softgels

We are pleased to announce that, the VitaSWISS SP supplement will now undergo a new brand identity. Keep an eye out for this new and exciting brand.

The Technology behind VitaSwiss Placenta Softgels

VitaSWISS cellular extract ingredients are procured with proprietary cold-extraction Proteolytic Enzyme to extract their freshest and purest form while maintaining high-concentration and bioactive properties. No heat application were utilised throughout the process of extraction.

VitaSWISS is NOT a drug as it contains no chemicals but only natural ingredients of the highest quality

Scientific studies concluded that VitaSWISS softgels contain high level of special proteins which promote cell growth, regulate hormone secretion and strengthen the immune system.

Content and Packaging

A pack of VitaSWISS supplements contains 3 blister packs. Each of these blisters holds 10 softgels. The supplements are packed in PVC/ALU blisters.


Room temperature, preferably 20°C to 24°C

Recommended Usage

1 softgels per day, preferably ½ hour before morning meal.

VitaSWISS’s sheep placenta and specially procured plant placenta proteins are compatible with the human body and trigger no immune reactions.

It has been proven through double-blinded placebo-controlled clinical studies conducted at the Clinical Skin Testing Department Swiss Skin Testing Institute Neuchâtel of Switzerland that VitaSWISS Softgels Advanced Formula enhances and invigorates our bodies with a wide range of health benefits:

 Rejuvenate and regenerate cell growth
 Assist in balancing of hormonal levels
 Finer even-toned skin texture, radiant complexion and firmer body
 Increase of stamina and energy level
 Improve blood circulation and deeper / better sleep
 Improve immunity system against diseases
 Anti-ageing properties & delay menopausal symptoms
 Repair cells, tissues and organs
 Improve joints mobility